Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sanndi Art Mystical Expressions: Other Mystical Muses

Sanndi Art Mystical Expressions: Other Mystical Muses: SEASONAL OFFERINGS Supply is limited. Email Sanndi at sanndi@att.net or contact on Facebook for availability Waiting for Sundown 8x1...
Hello October!  And Greetings to everyone, happy Autumn! It's been awhile since I've written, but here I am and can you believe that 2017 is almost over? How did that occur? Here in the south ( Ga.) it still doesn't feel much like fall, contrary to all the seasonal merchandise in the stores hinting for us to purchase jackets, pumpkins, and Halloween or seasonal décor. Speaking of décor,  I have a NEW painting, just in time for Halloween. It is entitled Waiting For Sundown.Three "witchy" friends stand united in fun, frolic, and friendship decked out in their finest witchy-poo attire while waiting for sundown. And who knows what happens after dark?  This print is a  limited offer due to it being seasonal, so order yours while you can!
Other exciting news, for those of you who are local, the Crosstown Grill in Peachtree City is displaying my art in their cozy, inviting foyer. So go check it out if you are in the area! And yes.... it is indeed for sale! ( sometimes people think that art on walls is just an establishment's décor) But I'm here to tell ya that every bit is for sale, including the nails holding it up, lol! But seriously, have a looksie and also have some lunch or dinner or drinks while you are there, good food, drinks, and they even have an outside patio area. Thank you Crosstown Grill for supporting the arts and our community! Shout out to Sean Cashman there who helped me hang up my work! www.crosstowngrille.com. Well, guess that's about it for this time around, Happy Autumn everyone!  ~Sanndi

Friday, October 3, 2014

Gratitude for Nature

What better way to recognize and celebrate Autumn than to take a day trip to the mountains with special friends? I feel blessed that I recently got to do a day trip getaway with just the gals. We left bright and early on a Saturday morning, packed a picnic and headed to the North Georgia mountains, with a particular waterfall destination in mind, Amicalola Falls. Amicalola is a Cherokee word, meaning tumbling waters, which they indeed are! It was paradise and like something out of a movie, truly stunning to stand there and gaze up in awe at it's splendor and feel the sacredness of it.
Also while there I couldn't help but notice that the skies are bluer, the greens are greener, and the air definitely more clean and pure. The waterfall and mountains are clearly a piece of heaven here on earth for certain, which brings me to this observation: Why, oh why would someone want to litter upon such beauty? I was shocked at one point, when I was looking over a rail down onto some rocks where the waterfall was cascading.  There on the banks and rocks were a few empty food containers, crumpled cups and basic garbage! How does this happen? I try to tell myself that surely no one would be so inconsiderate and voluntarily litter. I try to tell myself that perhaps a strong gust of wind blew lids off of trash bins or something like that and that is how it happened. But sadly I realize that there are people who do not realize the gifts mother nature gives us all the time. We live in paradise, people think we have to go somewhere exotic or tropical or to a foreign country to see beautiful scenery, but that is not the case. The majestic beauty of nature is around us everyday, everywhere and we should cherish it and respect it and keep it beautiful.
I realize that I cannot control others actions and I also realize that by being mad at these so called inconsiderate people does me no good at all and it will not change the reality that there will always be careless people in our world that do careless things. So with that it mind, it inspires me even more so now to become even more active in picking up bits of trash when I see them. When I go on walks I will take a bag and pick up any castaways that I see. I will do what I CAN DO and not worry about what others are doing or not doing. I have much gratitude for this gem of a planet we live on and I choose to help keep it sparkling!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Certifiably Certified

It's true! I'm now officially certified as a Siren School Salonniere.

Most people think of training sessions as mundane or grueling, but I am here to tell you the training for Siren School Salonnieres is not at all your average class session! It is fun, informative, relaxed and inspiring. Joy Siren comes through in video chat just like she does in her posts, being that she is vibrant, sparkling,and full of life and light. More light is shed upon Siren School in this training and what it entails to be a Salonniere and have a chapter in your own town.So come on and be a Salonniere and spread the Joy! ~Sanndi

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A sign of blog things to come

This will be where I post the occasional video or something or other that is too special not to share with you.  For now, please feel free to look me up on la Vie Sirene magazine.  Click here for an article I did on How to Sleep Like a Goddess.  After all, we sirens need our beauty rest!

Sleeping Goddess at the Lost Gardens of Heligan