Siren Soirees

Siren Soirees are theme parties where you get to dive into a specific siren genre.  Party themes include Genie Dreams, Bollywood Bash, Island Hukilau, Flapper Speakeasy, Courtesanerie 101, the Faerie Ring and more.

I am currently working on certification in a couple of genres which I will announce here upon completion - yay!

Soirees come with costume bits and props designed to transform you into your siren theme. We'll get into the culture of the theme through crafts, trivia, history & theme activities.

Pricing is as follows:
  • Basic 1.5 hour party = $150 for 6-10 guests, $15 per guest thereafter
  • Dance addition - 1 hour = $100 for 6-10 guests, $10 per guest thereafter
  • Merchandise = Market Price

Prices are the same for both adult and children's parties.

After the minimum attendance number of 6 has been reached, the Hostess or Honoree is treated to the party gratis. 

Hostesses who are enrolled in Siren School's Plunder rewards program earn 500 ducats for hosting a Siren Soiree.  Attendees who are enrolled in the program receive 100 ducats for their participation.


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